Who Is

Hawon Jung

Audio Engineer and Consultant

If you ask Hawon to describe himself you’d probably get the following: “Passionate music lover, audio engineer, tech savvy (meaning a total tech geek), gear and gadget junkie, and overall, a great guy to know”.

Hawon received his BA in Recording Industry Music Production and Technology from Middle Tennessee State University.  He also received his M.A.M. in Business and Entrepreneurship from Columbia College Chicago.

Hawon is based out of greater Chicago area and has over 10 years of experience in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering as well as a wealth of knowledge regarding the industry, marketing, IP laws, publishing, and web 2.0, including social networks and various online services.

If you wish to be be in touch with him regarding any of his service, please email him at hj@hawonjung.com

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